TWD: Apple Kuchen

I am at a loss for words tonight as I try to write this.  I have no particular reason for it.  Maybe it’s because it’s Monday and I just worked all day and then came home and took care of the kids.  I heard once that women have to say so many words each day.  I must have said all of mine already.  Looking back at the day, I did talk more than usual.  Not in a gossiping, unproductive way either, just in a we need to talk about such and such project but times 10 people.


My mood tonight is perfect for describing this week’s TWD recipe.  The recipe was Apple Kuchen.  While I typically love apple desserts, this was not my favorite.  It wasn’t bad either, it just wasn’t a home run that an apple pie or apple crisp can be.  I will say that I liked how this was not overly sweet.   It did really let the flavor of the apples shine through.


Well, in my loss of words mood tonight, that is really all I have to say.  Please go over to the TWD site to see how other people enjoyed this recipe.  And if you would like to make it, please purchase the book.  It does have wonderful recipes.





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3 responses to “TWD: Apple Kuchen

  1. Short and sweet, but the photos say it all anyway. Looks great!

  2. It turned out beautifully, even if it wasn’t your favourite. I know what you mean about running out of words, sometimes. It’s good to regroup sometimes, in relative silence.

  3. Nana

    So sorry that you were not impressed, but it sure looks great.

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