TWD: Jam Filled Sandwich Cookies

My little boy is starting 4K this year.  This is a big change for him.  For the past 4 years he has been going to an in-home daycare center with the most wonderful sitter.  She has been the biggest blessing in our life.  Granted, our daughter will still be there and our son will still be there two days a week, but this is still a big change.  I’m not sure how he’s going to handle it.  I’m both excited and nervous for him.  He’s growing up.  He’s leaving the nice little bubble that he’s lived in his whole life so far.  I have loved his bubble.

Yes, I completely realize that part of my sadness is because I am somewhat a control freak and so I will be losing some control over his life.  Yes, yes, I completely understand that it is a normal part of life.  It doesn’t mean that I have to relish the moment.  It really doesn’t help that all of my co-workers are men over the age of 50 who constantly tell me that this time will go over before I know it.  They all like to tell me how it goes by too fast.  At least they understand me then and don’t ask questions when I ask not to travel a lot or if I don’t want to stay late.  I am very fortunate in that regards.


So, in my attempt to keep some sense of control in his life, I plan on packing his lunch on most school days.  We’ll let him get hot lunch when the option seems somewhat healthy or like something he might enjoy.  I don’t want him missing out on things because of my desire for control.  I try not to go to extremes.  The cookie for this week’s TWD baking club will be in his lunch box on his first day of school though.  I’m hoping it will be a nice treat for him.

The cookie recipe was “Jam Filled Sandwich Cookies”.  I filled ours with raspberry jam.  Since I hate rolling out cookie dough, I decided to make this in the slice-and-bake option.  I rolled the dough into a log with a 2″ diameter.  Then after it was done chilling, I sliced it into 1/8″ rounds, topped half with jam, topped the jam and bottom with the top, and then baked them.  It worked out quite well.  I don’t think anyone would be able to tell the difference.  It’s quite a time saver though.


Please go to the website and see how other people enjoyed their cookies!  Enjoy!



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8 responses to “TWD: Jam Filled Sandwich Cookies

  1. Nana

    Your cookies look great and you can’t see any difference between the
    two methods. We enjoyed these and I will be making them again.

  2. Your cookies look wonderful. I hope your son enjoyed his lunch treat.

  3. Looks like slice-and-bake worked out really well…I wouldn’t have known. I’m sure your little guy was pleased to see this in his lunchbox!

  4. 4 year old Pre-K is such a big step. I remember it like it was yesterday, my son is now 12! What a great idea making these in a rolled log and sliced, time saver indeed. I hope your son enjoyed them and that you all survived this big transition.

  5. So nice to know these work as slice-and-bake cookies. (Though, this might tempt me to put a few logs in the freezer…)

    It’s so bittersweet watching kids reach milestones. I’m only an aunt, but I’m still nostalgic for the baby, toddler, and kid days of my nieces and nephews. Heck, I even miss their teenaged years! Still, they are amazing adults and I love watching where their lives take them.

  6. It is so hard letting them grow up…your co-workers are right though…enjoy this time it goes by so quickly!! Your slicing method looks like it worked beautifully!

  7. Slice and bake – that’s genius! Although I must say the dough was super easy to roll. My kids went to a Montessori school that didn’t have a cafeteria so we HAD to pack lunches every day. But cookies weren’t allowed. No sweets. Don’t get me started. On her last day of 8th grade at that school, I sneaked a little chocolate bar into my daughter’s lunchbox! Rule-breaker!

  8. What a clever method on this.
    My girls are 20 & 21 and I remember how I struggled with each step of independence. Enjoy this time, because it really does fly by.

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