TWD: Vanilla Mango Panna Cotta

This week’s recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie was Vanilla Mango Panna Cotta.  This recipe is great for the hot weather days we have been having.  It did not require me to turn on the oven, which is a definite no-no when the temperature gets above 80degrees outside, which is has been almost all month.  For this recipe there is a smooth mango puree on the bottom of a vanilla bean panna cotta.  I got some vanilla beans while back and I had been saving them for a special occasion.  I wasn’t going to use one of them for this, but then I thought “What am I really saving these for? I can always buy more.” So, I used one of them.  I loved the fragrance of the bean.  And it was neat to see all the little seeds flecked throughout the panna cotta.


Overall, this dessert was just so-so for us.  I didn’t mind the flavors, but the texture wasn’t what I was expecting.  I was expecting more of a creamy, pudding like texture instead of the Jell-O style texture that it had.  I love creamy desserts and so I think my expectations were just slightly off.  Like I said, the flavors were good.  The vanilla and mango were very refreshing.  I don’t know if I’ll make this again, as I would prefer pudding, but it was a nice change of pace and that is why I joined this group.  I love trying all of the different recipes.



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6 responses to “TWD: Vanilla Mango Panna Cotta

  1. I loved that you used your vanilla bean. I have a few special occasion ingredients in my pantry, and I really need to start using them. Every day can be a special occasion!

  2. I do like to have a soft dessert like this one after dental work. Texture is such a personal thing. Vanilla bean works great for this recipe.

  3. Nana

    They look perfect, and a wonderful dessert for this hot weather.

  4. Your pannacotta looks great! And I also love trying all the new recipes! Yay, cook-a-longs!

  5. At least you gave it a try – they look pretty.

  6. LOL- I had exactly the same reaction to you when going into this recipe. #1 I was happy to not turn on the oven. We have had a miserable heat wave and it is all I can do to even hang out in the kitchen. #2 I eyed my vanilla bean trying to decide if I would use it when I asked myself what on earth I was saving it for LOL. Lovely results and sorry the texture was a bit off for you. It seems the gelatin can really vary a bit so I know I will have to play a bit in the future – but we loved it enough that I will be playing 🙂

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