TWD: Chocolate Cherry Brownies

I’ve been following the Tuesdays with Dorie group for some time now.  I used to do this with the other book, although I never did finish all of the recipes.  I probably finished about 3/4 of them.  I have been wavering on whether or not to join the group, but here I am.  I took quite a large break from baking after having my kids, but I can no longer ignore my desire to get back in the kitchen.  I’m hoping that this will also give my kids a chance to join me.


This was a great recipe for my “official” (I did make the rhubarb upside down cake a few weeks ago) start again.  It was easy and delicious.  While my husband swears that he doesn’t like anything in his brownies except for chocolate, he ate a quarter of these in less than a day.  Next time I would probably bake them a little longer.  I kept it on the short side at 27minutes, like the recipe recommended, but they are super gooey.  And while I prefer my brownies gooey, these were a bit too gooey.  It didn’t stop us from enjoying them though.  I used a mixture of dried cranberries and cherries since I didn’t have enough dried cherries, but I could barely tell the difference.  If anything, the tartness from the cranberries were nice.






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14 responses to “TWD: Chocolate Cherry Brownies

  1. Amy

    Your brownie looks delicious. I hope your kids enjoy baking with you as much as my daughter is enjoying baking through this book with me!

  2. Welcome to the group! Your brownies look delectable!

  3. I love your cats! In other news, I agree with you. They needed some extra baking time. Welcome to the club. 🙂

  4. Welcome back! I did the other book too, but never finished. It made me so nostalgic when they finished it. I’m hit or miss with this book, but I love it when I remember to do it!

    • catsinthekitchen

      I’m also hit or miss with this book. Baking From My Home to Yours was great. My husband got me this one for Christmas and it took me until this month to finally bake something from it. Nothing stuck out to me as much as with the other one. Although, I’m sure the recipes will be just as good.

  5. The 2nd 35 Years

    I’m glad you joined. I missed FFWD… Only found out about it as this was starting, but I am going to work my way through it anyway!

  6. Yay! Glad you’re joining us! And your brownies look great — I love gooey brownies, but even I baked these about 15 min longer than Dorie called for.

  7. Yum-the fresh cherries would have been a really nice compliment to these.

  8. welcome back to TWD– glad you liked this one!

  9. Your brownies look great and I’m always happy to hear when someone finds their way back to the kitchen! Baking is so rewarding–hope you keep it up!

  10. They don’t look terribly gooey. I really enjoyed these as well. I baked mine @ 350°F for 25 minutes – and thought they turned out perfect – gooey, but not too gooey.

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