TWD: Blueberry-Brown Sugar Plain Cake

I finally got the opportunity to do some baking this weekend!  Having a colicky baby really doesn’t give a person much time to do anything but breathe.  Good thing the colic seems to be getting a little better, or maybe we are just getting better at calming our baby.  Who knows, either way it was nice to be able to get in the kitchen again.

This week’s recipe for TWD was a blueberry-brown sugar plain cake chosen by Cindy of Everyday Insanity.  I’m glad this recipe was chosen this time of year when blueberries are in season.  They were even on sale this week at the grocery store.  They are so delicious I almost feel bad using them for baking in place of frozen ones.  I feel as though the only thing that will do them justice is just a bowl, nothing else, just plain blueberries.  A bowl of pure summer.  Oh well, the plainess of this cake helped the blueberries shine without anything special. 

The only funny thing about this cake is that it calls for an 11×7 inch pan.  It’s only funny because I was going through my kitchen this past week and I came across this pan.  I think it came in a set we received for our wedding.  What an odd size I thought, 11×7, I’ve never seen a recipe call for a pan of this size.  Oh well though I thought, it’s a nice size for coating things and for baking small fillets of fish.  Then when I was making a casserole this week it actually called for this 11×7-inch pan.  I was shocked!  Then when I came to this recipe, it again called for this 11×7-inch pan.  Two times in one week!  Up until know I don’t think I’ve used this pan more than two times, now I had to use it twice in one week.  It’s funny how things work isn’t it?


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