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Do the last few weeks of pregnancy seem to drag on for ever or what?  I feel like the past couple weeks have taken forever and I’m sure the next few will only be slower as I grow increasingly uncomfortable.  I seemed to have “popped” in the past month or so and my belly is definitely huge.  I could take it until recently. I was even exercising regularly until about 2 weeks ago.  Then the belly took over and I have succumbed to the couch.  I get winded just walking!  It’s horrible.  I haven’t ever felt so out of shape.  Oh well, it won’t be forever, it’ll just seem like it. 

Now for the recipe of the week.  This week’s recipe was Citrus Currant Sunshine Muffins chosen by Lauryn of Bella Baker.  I had all intentions of making these, but as I stated earlier, getting off the couch has become a challenge.  So, although I do intend on making these soon, it was not on the agenda this past week.  So please visit Lauryn’s blog to see the recipe and her review of the muffins. 

Instead, I did end up making the French Pear Tart chosen a while back.  We went over to another couple’s house for dinner on Saturday night and we brought dessert.  Everyone did enjoy the tart.  I’m shocked that the canned pears worked so well.  I added a little almond extract just to add another hint of almond and it really accented the pears nicely.  Overall, it was very good. 

Now, here is an update on the nursery.  We have it pretty much finished.  I just need to put a small lamp in the room.  Otherwise, I hope the baby enjoys it.  The paintings turned out really nice and everything is organized…for now.  Here is also a picture of me.  From the front I don’t look bad, but when I turn to the side its another story.  (Please don’t mind the pants, as any pregnant women would tell someone, you don’t care so much about how it looks when you’re pregnant compared to how you feel.)



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