TWD: Double-Duty Rewind

For this week’s TWD we were allowed to choose rewind recipes.  I choose to make two recipes.  First I made Dorie’s chocolate pudding, but since this is not exactly a very festive recipe for Thanksgiving I also made Dorie’s pumpkin muffins.  (I had a very productive weekend this weekend.)

The chocolate pudding is like ganache.  It is super rich and thick.  My only complaint is that mine turned out slightly grainy in texture.  I’m not quite sure why this is.  I think it might have boiled too long.  I will say though that my husband is now a pudding fan.  He used to hate pudding and pretty much refuse to eat it.  He thought is was just a lesser version of ice cream.  I could understand why he thought this after tasting pudding at his family’s house.  They only make fat-free, instant vanilla pudding.  It pretty much has the same taste as cardboard.  I think this is why he also has a strong dislike of banana cream pies, because you see his family uses this pudding in those pies and then just adds sliced bananas and Cool Whip.  That’s okay though, because I have been successful in the paste 6 years in getting him to like pudding now.  Granted, that is chocolate pudding.  I’ll leave the vanilla pudding for later.

My only word of caution with Dorie’s chocolate pudding recipe is that you might need a glass of milk afterwards because it pretty much is just like chocolate ganache.

Now, onto the second recipe of the week, pumpkin muffins.  These muffins made our whole house smell like pumpkin pie.  It smells just like a house should right before Thanksgiving.  These muffins are excellent.  They have a slightly denser crumb, but they are packed with flavor.  I’m a big fan of spice cakes, and these fall into that category for me.  I could almost envision making these into cupcakes by adding a nice cream cheese frosting, but I won’t.  Instead I’ll savor these in the morning this upcoming week along with a glass of decaf chai tea.  The spices should work nicely together I think.

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and if you get a chance, try these recipes.  Enjoy!


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