TWD: Not-Just-For-Thanksgiving Cranberry Shortbread Cake

This week’s TWD recipe was chosen by Jessica of A Singleton in the Kitchen, which is a delightful blog to read.  Jessica choose Not-Just-For-Thanksgiving Cranberry Shortbread Cake.  I have been eyeing this recipe for quite some time, but I have been a little hesitant about making it.  But, when it came up as the recipe of the week, I had to do it.  I was convinced even more by my good friend Caitlin over at Engineer Baker to make this when she told me it is now her favority Dorie recipe. 

At first I thought this recipe would be a little challenging when I looked at the components and how to assemble it.  In the end though it came together beautifully.  No problems whats-so-ever.  And while I don’t know if it is my favorite Dorie recipe, it is definitely up there.  The crust is just wonderful and goes perfectly with the tart filling.  I could see how this would work with just about any filling really.  The cake part is so versatile that I think any filling from cranberry to chocolate would work in this cake.  Another perk is that it is one of those recipes that gets better the next day when the flavors have time to meld together. 

So, go ahead and take a chance on making this recipe.  Oh, and let’s all congratulate Caitlin on her beautiful wedding this past weekend!  It was wonderful.


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