TWD: Fold-over Pear Torte & some catch-up

I know it feels like I have been completely neglecting TWD, but that is not the case.  In fact I have made the last three weeks’ recipes, I just haven’t had the time to post about them.  So, here I am.  Finally.  This week’s recipe is the Fold-over Pear Torte chosen by Cakelaw from Laws of the Kitchen.  This turned out beautiful.  My only problem is that I have been super spacy lately and I accidently left out the sugar.  So, it’s not quite as sweet as it should be.  Although, I have to admit it still tastes pretty good for not having any sugar and it still turned out just fine.  It was just a little bland.  It could be more of an appetizer without the sugar than a dessert.  Oh well.  It smells amazing.  I think it is the almond extract.  Even though the inside isn’t the prettiest thing and it actually reminds me of something like a quiche, it does taste good.

Now, onto the last two recipes, Double Apple Bundt Cake and Tarte Fine.  I have made the Double Apple Bundt Cake about 3 times since I bought Dorie’s book.  It is one of my standby recipes since you can almost always get apples.  Also, it only gets better with time as the spices get a chance to meld together.  Then there is the super simple Tarte Fine.  What could be easier than this recipe?  I mean it only has puff pastry, apples, an egg, a little sugar and apricot jam if you want it to look glossy.  It’s just so easy and good. 

See, I have not been as big of a slacker as it might seem.  So, I hope you enjoy these recipes and if you would like to make them, please find a copy of Dorie’s book.  I hope you like reading it as much as I have.  Enjoy!

Tarte Fine: (Sorry, no pictures of the bundt cake, it was brought to work before I could snap one.)


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