TWD: Lots of Way Banana Cake

So, I had full intentions of only making a half recipe this week.  I didn’t feel as though my husband and myself really needed a full cake.  Then, I looked in our freezer for some bananas.  I knew we had some in there, but I didn’t know just how many we had in there. Take a guess.  4, no.  6, no.  8, yes!  8 bananas!  What?!  How did we get so many bananas?  I guess I should have been making some banana bread in the past few months, or possibly Dorie’s banana bundt cake since that requires 4 bananas.  So, in an attempt to use up half the bananas I made a full recipe.  The only difference being, I made cupcakes.

Dorie was right about this recipe, you can put pretty much anything in it you have on hand and still get a good cake.  I used sour cream instead of the coconut milk, because we had some already.  Then I substituted the dried fruit for chocolate chips because in my mind raisins and bananas just don’t mix as well as chocolate and bananas.  Then, I topped my cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, because really, what isn’t better with cream cheese frosting?  The only thing I had to do in order to get these to turn out was to reduce the baking time to about 22 minutes.  That can only be expected with cupcakes though.

Overall, these are great little cupcakes.  They are moist and packed with banana flavor.  At least now I know what to do with the remainder of our frozen bananas.  The next challenge will be to convince my husband that we do not need all these cupcakes in our house and that I should bring most of them into work. 

So, if you find yourself in the same situation I was just in with way too many bananas in your freezer, try whipping up a batch of these cupcakes.  They are quite easy and delicious.  You can find the recipe over at Kimberly’s blog at Only Creative Opportunities.  Enjoy!


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