TWD: Dressy Chocolate Loaf Cake

This week’s TWD was chosen by Amy of Amy Ruth Bakes.  She choose Dressy Chocolate Loaf Cake. 

I have to confess, I did not make the cake this past week.  See, I have already made this cake once and I just didn’t feel like making it again right now.  Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely delicious.  But, we just didn’t need  a cake sitting around the house.  Summer is a time for fruits for desserts, so I didn’t want this relatively dense cake sitting on my counter during what is supposed to be a relatively warm week. 

I will admit though that I do really like this cake.  This cake is one of those impossibly simple cakes that everyone is amazed when they see and taste.  The best part is that none of them understand just how easy it is to make.  This is definitely one of my go-to cake recipes for celebrations now.  So, I hope you also try this recipe and enjoy it for yourself while impressing your friends.


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