TWD a little late: Tender Shortcakes

It’s better to be late than to have never done something right?  Well, I think so in this case.  See, I knew that I was going to be picking my own strawberries this weekend and so I didn’t feel like wasting my money on some so-so strawberries at the grocery store last weekend.  It might seem a little late for that to some of you, but up here in Wisconsin strawberries are just coming in season.  We’re just  a little late with fresh produce when compared to everyone else.  Good thing for the wonders of modern transportation and refrigeration right?  Otherwise I wouldn’t be getting fresh produce until now every year. 

So, instead I’m posting the tender shortcakes a little late.  I just wanted to do them justice with freshly picked strawberries.  We have a U-Pick place about 2 miles from our house and I go there every year for strawberries and raspberries.  Now, I have the task of making some wonderful homemade strawberry jam this week.  Who doesn’t enjoy that?

Now for the shortcakes.  The recipe for this past week was Tender Shorkcakes chosen by Cathy of The Tortfeasor.  She has a wonderful blog that you should take a little break to look at.  I have to say thank you to Cathy for picking such a wonderful recipe that fits so well with the season.  I love strawberry shortcakes, especially when topped with a large glob of whipped cream.  (Don’t you dare think about wrecking this with that artificial Cool Whip stuff.  Whip cream is the only way to go.)  These shortcakes came together wonderfully in one bowl and took no time at all to mix and bake.  It’s a perfect recipe for early summer.  And if the weather isn’t cooperating in making you think it is summer, at least they will remind you of what it should be like.

I topped my shortcakes with a mixture of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  These were delicious.  They have an excellent crumb that is not too dry or too moist.  They soak of the wonderful berry juice just perfectly.  They aren’t too heavy either so they can be eaten anytime, whether for dessert or for a snack.  So, I hope you try these and enjoy them also with some fresh berries and WHIP CREAM (get your hands off that Cool Whip!).

Please visit Cathy’s blog for the recipe.  And here’s a picture of Rosie being curious with our new camera.


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