TWD: Sweet Cream Biscuits

Oh my gosh, it’s Tuesday and I’m actually posting on time!  It’s a miracle.  For some reason this past weekend I was extraordinarily productive.  I cleaned our bathrooms did 6 loads of laundry, finished typing a 15-page masters report, went to a gardening seminar, finished a scrapbook, went for a 8 mile bike ride, transferred everything from my old computer to our wonderful new one, and I managed to make this and next week’s TWD recipe.  Whew, I think that’s all.  Can you believe it?  I even managed to keep breathing.  I don’t know what got into me.  It must be spring fever.  Either that or I’m completely psycho.  My husband would probably go with the second one, but oh well.  At least its a productive psycho-ness.

So, onto the recipe.  This week’s recipe was sweet cream biscuits chosen by Melissa of Love at First Bite.  I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of biscuits.  They always seem dry and tasteless to me.  But, I still decided that I needed to make the recipe.  At least the only extra ingredient I had to buy was the heavy cream, which will do double duty in the ice cream for two weeks from now.

These biscuits came together in 5 minutes, which was wonderful.  They didn’t involve any freezing and cutting in of butter or anything.  The trickiest part was rolling the dough out a second time to get the second set of biscuits.  As usual with Dorie’s recipes though, mine didn’t rise very much.

Both my husband and I agreed though that they are much better than we expected.  We put some fresh strawberries on them and made strawberry shortcakes with a little jam.  They were perfect for it.  They weren’t too sweet, but sweet enough.  They were dry, but not as dry as your typical biscuit.

So, thank you Melissa for changing my mind so that I now know that not all biscuits are bad.  The recipe can be found at Melissa’s blog.  Enjoy!


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