TWD: Thumbprints for Us Big Guys

This week’s TWD recipe was chosen by Mike of Ugly Food Dude.  Mike choose Thumbprints for Us Big Guys.  You would think with that title that these cookies would be substantial.  While reading through the recipe I thought for sure there was a typo.  No salt?  No eggs?  Teaspoon size?  What type of cookies are these and how are they for adults?

Anyways, I decided to go ahead and make them as Dorie says.  The dough actually turned out okay.  It also gave me an excuse to use some of our homemade raspberry jam we canned last summer.

Overall, I like these cookies.  I really like the almost extract/raspberry combination.  That works really well for me.  Even my husband likes them, although he say that are just okay because the only real cookie to him is chocolate chip. 

These cookies turn out really cute and bite size.  So, although I am still questioning how they are for “Us Big Guys” I do like them.


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