TWD: Better Late than Never + Double Duty

I know, I know, I have been a complete slacker in posting.  The worst part is that I have made some of the recipes.  I guess that is what 6 credits of grad school + full time work does to a person.  I finally got the chance to sit down and right up a post.  I made both Dorie’s favorite chocolate chip cookies from two weeks ago and the honey-wheat cookies chosen by Michelle of Fourchild for this week.

The chocolate chip cookies, were as expected, a complete success.  My husband’s favorite food is the chocolate chip cookie.  He eats them with breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a few snacks.  I counted once and he ate 8 in a day!  Can you believe that.  I’ve gotten so good at making chocolate chip cookies I can whip out a batch in a little less than 10 minutes not including baking time. 

At least the chocolate chip cookies were a success, because my husband did not like the honey wheat cookies.  I don’t mind them.  They are not my favorite, but they aren’t bad.  They don’t have much flavor, but the hint of citrus is nice.  The only change I made was to use grapefruit zest because winter time in our house means grapefruit time, so we are swimming in grapefruit.  The cookies have a nice honey aftertaste which I really like.  Oh well, I can win them all with my husband.  At least he tried one.


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