TWD: Cran-Apple Crisps

Whew, at least its still Tuesday when I’m writing this.  I seriously did not think I would get this typed up tonight.  Last week was mid-terms, which made for a very long week.  The classes didn’t stop either, I still have stuff to do for this week (sigh).  Oh well, at least baking is helping me keep my sanity.  These little cran-apple crisps really helped.  They were wonderful.  I never thought I would like the combination of cranberry and apple, but it was wonderful.  They made nice little afternoon treats on Sunday during the Packer-Viking game.  It helped ease the lose also. 


I have made a few of Dorie’s crisps now, and I have to say that they are all wonderful.  This one definitely keeps up the reputation.  They all come together so easily and they are near impossible to screw up.  This was a very easy recipe to quarter (which is what I did).  The only other change I did was add the dried cherries from last week’s brownie torte.  They added a nice sweetness/tartness (they were dried tart cherries after all). 


So, thank you Em of The Repressed Pastry Cheffor choosing this wonderful fall recipe.  It really hit the spot.



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