TWD: Cherry-Fudge Brownie Torte

So, I’ve been a really bad blogger lately.  I have not been keeping up with posting or making comments.  I do apologize for this.  You see, my two classes are keeping me extremely busy.  I can barely keep my head above water right now.  It’s really sad when you almost hope you get sick along with everyone else because at least then I might get a day off, or at least I would be forced to. 


Enough with that though, onto the recipe of the week.  This week’s recipe was the cherry-fudge brownie torte chosen by April of Short+Rose.  I had all intentions of making this strictly as is, but after reading the recipe I determined that it was a little excessive for my husband and me.  I mean even Dorie said in the book that it started out at a mini-extravanza and then she got carried away.  I can definitely see that.  I didn’t make any drastic changes though.  All I did was half the recipe, substitute amaretto for kirsch (sorry, but I’m not buying a bottle of kirsch for 2 Tbsp) and I left off the frosting.  I also made them in little individual ramekins thinking that they could be individual servings.  After trying it though, each ramekin is enough for two servings is what my husband and I discovered.  I had all intentions of making a cream cheese frosting to go on them, but after tasting a little bite before making it I decided not to.  Overall, it wasn’t too difficult to make; but like others noted, it did dirty a lot of bowls in the progress. 


It turns out that these are really good.  I could see why the frosting would be nice.  Mine were slightly on the dry side, but I think it is more of just the cakey texture than anything else.  I absolutely loved the chocolate and cherries in them though.  The amaretto was a nice touch also.  So, instead of being a torte, I would call mine more cherry-fudge brownies.  Maybe we’ll eat some as brownie sundaes this week with some ice cream.  I’m sure that will be good.  Even my husband gave it the thumbs up to be made again, which is always nice.  So, thank you April for choosing this recipe.  If you want the complete recipe please visit April’s blog.  Enjoy!


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