TWD: Split Level Pudding

I was really excited when I saw this week’s TWD recipe.  I have been wanting to make this since I got the book, so thank you Garrett of Flavor of Vanilla.  Instead of making the full recipe though, I made a third of the vanilla portion and a full batch of the chocolate portion.  Although, next time I think I would decrease the chocolate portion.  I was even impressed when my husband said I could make this again.  That rarely happens with any recipe.  The only things he ever asks for chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or chocolate cake.  There is absolutely no variety with him sometimes.  I love the way this turned out also, it’s just so pretty and elegant looking.  (At least they were in person, I took the picture right after removing them from the refrigerator, so the glasses fogged up a bit.) 


I was also grateful at the ease in which this recipe came together, although I don’t understand why Dorie puts egg yolks and cornstarch in her pudding.  And I definitely don’t understand the butter.  But, I will say the pudding is definitely delicious.  It even makes me want to make the chocolate pudding now.  That is if I can find any free time.  So, if you can’t decide whether you want vanilla or chocolate, have a little bit of both and make this.  Enjoy!


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