TWD: Flaky Apple Turnovers

Well, it’s still technically Tuesdays, so I’m not officially late.  This week’s recipe was flaky apple turnovers selected by Julie of Someone’s in the Kitchen.  At first I wasn’t going to make this recipe.  I made some last year using puff pastry and I wasn’t the biggest fan.  My husband convinced me though to try it again.  This time though I used Dorie’s dough recipe.  This dough was very much like a cream cheese pastry dough which is then layered in order to create the flakiness.  In the end the dough was excellent, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to make it when its above 80degrees in your house.  I had problems with the dough melting and sticking to everything.  I kept having to place it in the fridge for 10minute intervals while trying to roll it out.  I would have turned the air conditioning on, but really, it will probably be the last 80degree day we have until next July.  So, I had to enjoy while I could.  Not before long it’ll be -10degrees here and absolutely miserable outside. 


Overall they weren’t the prettiest turnovers, but they were EXCELLENT to eat.  I will definitely be making these again as the weather cools off.  I never used to like pie dough, but Dorie has made me a lifetime lover of good pie and pastry doughs now.  So, thank you Dorie!  I am also no longer afraid of trying doughs.  I can’t say they are the prettiest turnovers, but they are definitely the tastiest.  Even my husband agreed. 

So, if you get the chance definitely make these.  They are great little treats.  Enjoy!



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