TWD: Brownie Buttons

This week’s TWD was chosen by Jayma of Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen.  I have to say, that sometimes my husband and I feel like we are also two scientists experimenting in the kitchen since we are also both scientists.  Although, I think I do a little more experimenting while my husband’s only experimentation is tasting the food. 


So, this week’s recipe was brownie buttons.  This recipe was super easy and I was able to make it in my small saucepan, which provided easy clean-up.  I didn’t have quite enough time to glaze them, so mine were left unglazed for the photos.  I might try the glaze though when I get some time. 


Overall, I found the brownies to be very dense, but slightly dry.  I measured them out as I put the batter in the pans, and I baked them for the minimum 14 minutes, but I still found these a little on the dry side.  Maybe the glaze will make them better.  If I make these again maybe I’ll try baking them for less time, or I’ll just make those quintuple chocolate brownies that were so good next time.  Those definitely were moist and chocolatey.  I do thank Jayma though for chosen such a fast and easy recipe for a time when life seems to be moving at about 500mph and I’m just hanging on, trying to keep my head above water.  I hope everyone enjoys these little bites, even Bonks was interested by them!



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