TWD: Classic Banana Bundt Cake

This week’s recipe was chosen by Mary of The Food Librarian.  It was a Classic Banana Bundt Cake.  Every time I have very ripe bananas I put them in the freezer with the intention of making banana bread.  The only problem is that I tend to accumulate bananas in my freezer.  In fact before I made this recipe I had 6 frozen bananas in my freezer.  At least this recipe gave me a good way of using up 4 of those bananas.


This recipe also made a great breakfast alternative to banana bread.  This bundt cake was excellent.  It tasted just like banana bread, except much larger and with a sugary crust that formed while baking, which was just great. 


The only thing I noticed was that this recipe is unlike most of Dorie’s recipes.  It didn’t include any raisins or nuts, which I have grown accustomed to.  I thought about adding some, but then my husband convinced me to just make the recipe as is.  So, I did, and it turned out wonderfully.  My only complaint is that it makes a huge bundt cake that fills up the entire 12 cup pan!  My husband and I will be eating this for the next two weeks I feel.  Oh well, at least it’s a good accompaniment to the rest of our breakfast.  My husband and I did agree though that this recipe goes on the list of “will make again”, especially when I find myself with a freezer full of bananas.


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