Our Garden

This summer has been extremely dry by us.  We were about 2″ under normal until this past week.  I can’t say that it has rained a lot, but we’ve had some nice showers that have been greatly appreciated.  Especially by our garden.  Our garden in the past three weeks has become wild!  We are getting more vegetables than we know what to do with, especially green beans.  Last year I felt like we only got a few green beans, not even enough to have them as a side dish.  This year though we are getting hordes of them.  I can’t complain though, they are wonderful.  We are also getting quite a few peas, which is wonderful. 


I also have to show you a picture of  our melon.  This year we decided to try melons.  Well, they have started to take over.  Next year my husband is already planning to dedicate a quarter of our garden to them.  They have grown completely over 3 of our pepper plants and are starting to infringe on our carrots.  Oh well, at least we have 4 little baby melons starting to form.   I’m so excited to see how they grow.  Just keep your fingers crossed that we can keep having the perfect weather. 


Yes, if you  look really closely there is a baby melon in the middle of the picture hiding under some of the leaves.

I have to say that the garden is completely worth the effort.  It’s a lot of work in the beginning of spring, but it sure does pay off come summer.  I don’t think I’ll be buying any vegetables for quite some time.


The melon plants are in the bottom right corner trying to grow over the fence.

And a picture of what is to come:



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