TWD: Vanilla Ice Cream

So, I’m running a little late with this posting, but at least it will still make it out on Tuesday.  You see, my summer MBA class is taking up too much of my time.  I think my professor forgot that we work at the same time as taking this class.  In the last week and this week I have to complete two exams and two case studies along with present one of my case studies.  This also does not include the discussion and reading activities going on in the background.  At least my husband is very understanding (it helps when he’s in the middle of a 750 page book too). 


This week’s recipe was vanilla ice cream chosen by Lynne of Cafe LynnyLu.  I decided to make some changes and make mint ice cream and instead of chocolate chips I decided to throw in chocolate covered pretzels.  The recipe came together quickly and easily, which is always appreciated.  I also like it whenever I get the chance to use mint.  You see, it is one of my favorite flavors, but I do not like it in savory dishes, so this keeps it in the dessert category.  Also, since my husband does not like mint, I don’t get it very often.  So, this was my treat to myself this week for all my hard work I’ve been doing.  The only downside is that the chocolate covered pretzels got soggy.  Now I understand why this flavor isn’t available in other locations, because beside the sogginess it tastes great.  The minty-sweet-chocolatey-salty flavors work very well together. 

Other than that I don’ t have much time to talk and back to the grind.  Enjoy!



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