TWD: Raspberry Blanc-Manger

This week’s TWD recipe was chosen by Susan of Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy.  It was a raspberry blanc-manger.  Before buying this book I had never heard of a blanc-manger and I’m sure if I had seen one I probably would not have bought it because of my unfamiliarity with it.  Even after buying the book I didn’t know if I would ever make it, but isn’t that what this group is about, tring new things?


Well, after returning from a week camping in northern Wisconsin I decided to try and make it, even against the advice of a friend who said it wasn’t worth it.  Well, I will say that the recipe came together fairly quickly and easily.  Maybe it was easier because I actually took the time to read the entire recipe before starting, normally I just dive right in and only then see that something requires chilling overnight.  But with that said, I gathered together all the ingredients and bowls I would need and started making it.  The only problem I encountered was that my gelatin seemed to gel up outside of the whip cream and the ground almonds didn’t mix very well into the milk, so parts of it have more almonds than others.  I decided to make only a 2/3 batch (yes 2/3 because that way I didn’t end up with a half cup of whipping cream in my refrigerator without a purpose) and I made it in my 9″ tart pan.  I wasn’t certain if it would un-mold the best, but in the end it did so beautifully. 


So, the verdict…this recipe tastes a lot like a whipped cream Jell-O with raspberries sprinkled throughout.  It is a nice summer time dessert that came together in less than 30 minutes and without needed to turn on the oven.  My husband and I both agreed it was good, but not the best thing ever.  I don’ t know if this will go on my “must make again” list, but it won’t go on my “never make again” list either.  I think my favorite part is that the taste of the raspberries isn’t over powered by the rest of the dessert.  Raspberries happen to be my favorite fruit, so anything that masked them or destroys their flavor is no friend of mine.  So, thanks again to Susan for taking me out of my normal baking routine and choosing a nice change.



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