TWD: Brioche Pluot Tart

This week’s TWD is provided by Denise of Chez Us.  This tart has been something I’ve been wanting to make for quite some time.  It is supposed to include plums, but in the July issue of Bon Appetit they had a little article on pluots.  You might be asking, what is a pluot, and well, so was I.  Well, originally I didn’t even bother reading the article because I thought there was no way pluots would ever make it to my small town in northeast Wisconsin.  Then that day I went to the grocery store and there they were, so I had to buy some.  You see, pluots are a hybrid of plums and apricots.  When ripe they have the slight tartness of a plum but more sweetness from the apricot.  They are actually very good. 


So, for this tart I decided to try them again.  I wish I had more time to let them ripen, because they made my tart exceptionally tart.  Overall, my husband and I really enjoyed the tart.  It was a nice accompaniment with breakfast.  It wasn’t too sweet, just too tart.  The dough came together very nicely, it was just time consuming.  I was really shocked to see how much it rose in the oven, but it looked like it was from a professional baker rather than just a completely untrained home chef.   So, thank you Dorie for making me look like a French pastry chef for a week.  Enjoy!



After baking:



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