TWD Rewind: Double Crusted Blueberry Pie

This week’s TWD recipe is supposed to be the Perfect Party Cake, but I made this about a year ago with a friend, Caitlin of Engineer Baker, for the Daring Bakers.  So, I really didn’t want to make it again.  Especially since the cake was okay, but I really did not like the frosting.  It had way too much butter in it and that seemed to be all you could taste.

So, instead of making the cake I decided to make the Double Crusted Blueberry Pie since blueberries happened to be on sale.  This was the first time I have ever made a pie crust using butter.  I’ve made one using shortening, but it didn’t taste very good and all the other ones I’ve made come from the refrigerated section of my grocery store.  See, you have to understand that pies are my baking nemesis.  I can make cakes and cookies and whatever else, but pies, no.    I make a pie it turns out awful.  Right after I got married I tried to make a peach pie.  I followed a recipe exactly.  I even purchased the crust.  It looked good until I took it out of the oven and it started to cool.  Liquid started pouring over the sides of the pie.  That pie seemed to disobey the laws of physics and create matter.  I don’t know where all that liquid came from but it was everywhere.  Needless to say it wasn’t very good.


The next time I tried to make a chocolate silk pie.  I had to pre-bake the crust.  Well, I followed the instructions according to the “what seemed to be fool-proof” refrigerated pie crust.  When I took this one out of the oven the crust miraculously shrunk and crawled down the sides of the dish.  I couldn’t even use it. 

I have tried to make at least a half a dozen pies and every time, without fail, something goes wrong.  Well, this time was no different.  I will say that they seem to be getting better, this one was good, it just didn’t look the best.  It tasted amazing though and the crust was perfect.  I was afraid to try a butter crust because other people said they are near impossible to work with.  I had no problems with my crust.  I followed Dorie’s instructions perfectly.  I think the trick was that I froze the butter and shortening before using it.  That kept it nice and cold.  I even had small pieces of butter in the crust that melted while it was baking which made the crust really flaky.  I can’t believe it worked out that nicely. 


The only thing this time was that I forgot to add the cornstarch and breadcrumbs.  So, my pie was a little liquidy and it didn’t look the best with the blueberry juice coming out of the crust, but it tasted excellent.  And this pie didn’t seem to create any liquid either.  All the liquid stayed in the pie pan.  Hopefully after this pie my luck is changing.  I’m beginning to feel a little more confident in my pie making ability now. 

This is one recipe I will definitely be making again when blueberries go on sale again in a year.


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