TWD: Honey-Nectarine Ice Cream

For this week’s TWD recipe, Tommi of Brown Interior chose Honey-Peach Ice Cream.  Since I had a few ripe nectarines in the fridge I decided to vary the recipe slightly and use nectarines.  It doesn’t help that my husband is not the largest fan of peaches.  Maybe if he were to try them again he would start to like them again.  I mean, this is a man who had never tasted a nectarine until he was 22 and we were in Spain.  We were eating nectarines almost everyday when eventually he asked me what they were and if we had them in the US!  I couldn’t believe that this man, who used to stock produce in the local grocery store, had never seen or tasted a nectarine before.  And I know that the local grocery store had nectarines, because my family also shopped at that store.  Well, now he loves them and we buy them whenever they are in come in season. 


This recipe was fun to make.  I have an ice cream maker, but I don’t use it nearly often enough.  Living in Wisconsin, there is never a shortage of good, cheap dairy products around, including ice cream.  I mean the University of Wisconsin has a club in the agricultural college that specializes in making ice cream.  That also meant that Babcock ice cream was available all across the campus.  Like I said, people in Wisconsin love their dairy products. 

The only thing that would have made this recipe better was if I actually followed it correctly.  I accidently mis-read the part that stated you should only dice half of the nectarines and instead I halved all of the nectarines and cooked them in the honey.  So, my ice cream was completely creamy.  I think the chunks of nectarine in it would have added a nice textural component to the ice cream.  The ice cream was very rich and creamy with a nice taste of sweet fruit.  The honey didn’t come through too much, but added a nice sweetness to the ice cream.  Now I’ll know what to do with those extra nectarines next time they are in my fridge.  So, thank you Tommi of picking a quick and easy recipe perfect for summer.


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