TWD: Cinnamon Squares

This week’s recipe comes from Tracy of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures.  Even though I am not the biggest fan of cinnamon, this recipe still appealled to me for some unknown reason.  I bet it was the pictures.  I’m a complete sucker for recipes with pictures.  Don’t even try to buy me a cookbook without pictures, nothing will get made out of it.  The picture of this in the book reminded me of my mother-in-law’s coffee cake except with frosting.  I’m even excited to say that mine came out looking just like the picture!  I love when that happens. 


As for the taste test, the cinnamon is definitely the only thing you taste.  There is a slight after-taste of the chocolate, but it only lingers for a second before being masked by the cinnamon.  I would say that this cake even tastes somewhat similar to my mother-in-law’s coffee cake, except with more cinnamon.  Overall, it is a nice recipe; easy to put together, but I don’t know if I will be making this again.  It is just not that memorable of a recipe for me.  It wasn’t bad, just not memorable for me.  So, that you Tracey for picking a nice and easy recipe for the week and if you like cinnamon, I would recommend that you try this recipe which you can find at Tracey’s blog linked above.




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