TWD: Chipster Topped Brownies

 This week’s TWD recipe was chosen by Beth at Supplicious.  It was Chipster Topped Brownies.  When I first received the cookbook Baking: from my home to yours I saw this recipe and thought it looked excessive.  I mean, do you really need a layer of chocolate chip cookie on top of a brownie?  My husband would disagree.  In this end this recipe came together easily and smelled absolutely amazing while it was baking.  I just made a half batch in an 8×8″ pan instead of a 13×9″ pan, but it still worked, I just had to decrease the baking time to 40minutes.  If you want the entire recipe please visit Beth’s website listed above.  These bars were definitely delicious and if you are looking for a completely over the top dessert I recommend making these and then topping a bar with a scoop of your favorite ice cream. 


These bars also tagged along nicely to the ballpark for a tailgate that my husband and I went to with some friends.  Overall, even the game was great with the Brewer’s winning 1-0 against the Cardinals in the 10th inning.  My husband would also say that another good thing from these bars is that now he doesn’t have to choose between chocolate chip cookies and brownies.  Now he can have both in the same dessert. 


This picture is of the first pitch.  We had amazing seats and it was a great time!


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