TWD: Mango Bread

Being from the north, I have never heard of mango bread.  This recipe though is one of the reasons I joined the group.  This is a recipe I would not have made on my own, but in the end I’m glad that Kelly of Baking with the Boyschoose it.  I also had time this weekend between the end of two classes and the start of another to enjoy doing something other than school work. 


I love fruit-based breads like banana bread, but mango seemed a little different.  Mine turned out looking really good with the specs of yellow mango throughout.  The batter was really thick, much thicker than a banana bread batter.  It came together very easily though in just two bowls, which is exactly what I like in recipes.  I also left the raisins out of mine since I don’t quite understand Dorie’s love of putting raisins in everything.  I think the mango added enough texture to the bread that the raisins were not necessary in the end.  I did add the lime zest though, but I really couldn’t taste it in the end.  While it was baking I thought it was definitely going to overflow the bread pan like other people’s had, but it stayed in there.  The batter crawled up the sides of the pan before raising in the middle.  The smell of the cinnamon and ginger smelled just heavenly as it was baking.  I don’t think my mangoes were ripe enough though.  I have a hard time determining whether or not a mango is ripe.  It was soft, but yet slightly firm, but I still don’ t know. 


In the end the bread was quite good, but I can hardly taste the mango in it.  It tastes more like a cinnamon-ginger bread.  My husband also okayed the recipe and said that it was good.  I don’t know if it is good enough though to be made again.  Maybe if I were overflowing with mangoes someday I would. 

Next week’s recipe: Chipster Topped Brownies


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