TWD: Tartest Lime Tart

Sorry for the delay in postings, but my masters has been keeping me swamped these past two weeks.  I am super excited this week though!  Last week I went to look at the TWD website and saw they were accepting new members.  So, after all the baking I have done along with the group I am officially a member now!  My friend and co-worker, Caitlin of Engineer Baker, introduced me to the group and I was immediately hooked.  I did not want to join originally though because I thought it would be too much for our office to handle if we both brought in the same treat each week.  Then we both changed positions.  We still work in the same building but now we have different departments who thoroughly enjoy our treats.  We have baked some of the things together, hence some of the original backgrounds for her pictures look like the background in mine.  It is my kitchen and her apartment has the tiniest kitchen ever.  I can’t believe what she can bake in that tiny thing. 


This week’s recipe was the Tartest Lemon Tart chosen by Babette.  I was not really excited about the recipe, but I couldn’t back out of my first group bake.  I’m not the hugest fan of lemon desserts.  So, I thought I was try lime.  I decided to half the recipe and make it in mini tart shells that I made in a muffin tin.  While the tart dough is amazing I’m not the biggest fan of the filling for this.  It came together very nicely and exactly as Dorie says in the book.  There was a nice sugar crust on the top and it started to boil a little in the shells.  Other than that though the lime was too bitter.  The pith added a bitterness to the tart that my husband I could not get past.  I know others seemed to like that, but it was too strong for me.  I don’t know if the lemon would have been better, but hopefully next week’s recipe, mango bread, will be better.



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