The Jungle

My husband and I have a really nice garden.  The only downside is that my husband insists we start everything from seed, including the tomatoes.  So, in mid-March he got cabin fever and decided that it was time to start the tomatoes.  I insisted it was a little early, but he didn’t listen (what’s new?).  Well, now it’s mid-April and these plants are taking over my kitchen.  They started out in those little peat pot greenhouses, which  I was okay with.  Then they moved to larger, biodegradable pots on a cookie sheet.  (Yes, that is Bonkers looking over them thinking about how much fun it would be to play with them.)


That was about 2 weeks ago.  They have since grown out of control and had to be transferred to larger pots.  Mind you now, we are in northern Wisconsin, so it is far to cold outside still to keep these outside.  We are expecting 1-3″ of snow yet tonight (completely unbelievable after it was 70degrees on last Friday and Saturday).  Well, enough with the weather, but now these plants are really taking up a lot of space and I don’t know what to do with them.  My husband transplanted this past weekend into larger pots. 


Last year our plants started out smaller than this and grew into bushes.  I don’t think I want to know how large these are going to get.  I hope our work likes tomatoes.  Last year we were bringing in gallon sized bags of tomatoes to work almost every day for a month.  These year might be even crazier.  Good thing I like tomatoes.  I guess I’ll have to try canning this year, otherwise I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these.  I’ll have to keep you posted on what becomes of our jungle.


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